Road to Competition

Liberty Cheer Works on Competition Routine and Supports School Teams

The Liberty Middle School cheer team has been working hard three days a week for 90 minutes a day. That’s four and a half hours a week. They have the challenge of balancing football and basketball games while attempting to qualify for state in competition.

When asked if she thinks the team will qualify for state, 7th grader Maleah Lyons said, “Yes, obviously we are the best!”

Along with the four and a half hours of practice, the team attends tumbling classes at Pride of Illinois to improve their skills.

Seventh-grader Karly Klette is working hard on new tumbling moves.

“I have my round off full and I am working on my round off back handspring full,”  she said.

A normal week for the cheerleaders would be practice on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday with tumbling practice on Friday and one game a week. The cheerleaders’ favorite thing to do at practice is stunt and tumble.

“I get really excited when the coaches tell us that we get to work on stunts,” Maleah said.

Maleah is a base and her job is to hold the flyer up until they throw her up and catch her.

Overall, the LMS cheer team is off to a strong start this year and they hope to win state. Football games will be wrapping up within a couple weeks, competition season for the cheerleaders starts in November, and basketball season will start up in winter.