Liberty Tech Crew Set the Stage


When you think of tech crew, you probably think of lights and sound. As that is true, it is also much more than that. Many people have jobs such as moving props, pulling curtains, designing set pieces, and more.

Tech crew is the group of people that works backstage in a performance. It is run by Mrs. Gibson, with help from the Edwardsville High School tech crew members.

“Tech crew is something where you can express yourself through creativity,” said 8th grader Skyler Perry. This is Skyler’s first year on tech crew, and she loves it.

Schaefer Bates, also in 8th grade said, “I like helping out all the people on stage.” He has been in past ACT I performances for Liberty as an actor, but this is his first year on tech. “It gives you a better appreciation for the people in the back.”

“I like it because it gives you more time to hang out with friends and socialize with people I haven’t met before,” Skyler said.

Tech crew is important for the show to run smoothly, and for meeting new people with the same interests.