Diversity Kicks Off First Kindness Week


For the very first time at Liberty, Diversity Club held a “Kindness Week,” which helped show and spread kindness throughout Liberty. When asked how the theme days were planned, 7th grade Diversity Club member Veda Kommineni said, “We had multiple good ideas, but we had to narrow it down to the ideas we thought were exhibiting diversity at its finest.”

“The goal was to raise awareness that we’re all unique and that we all matter, ” said Ms Harris, the teacher in charge of Diversity Club.

Monday was “Be Kind” day (do something kind for someone today). Diversity Club challenged students do at least one act of kindness for another student or faculty member.

On Tuesday, the theme was “Mismatch” (show that not everything has to be the same to fit in). The goal for that day was to show that no one is the same and to show our differences. Some people wore pajamas, while others wore different shoes. Ms Bruce wore Christmas pants combined with a normal shirt.

On Wednesday, it was “Everyone Has a Name.” It was designed for students to get to know the people they sit in class with each day. Students were to introduce themselves and make an effort to learn one thing about them. The objective for that day was to make an effort to get to know someone you don’t know a lot about.

On Thursday, there was a simple Ugly Sweater day. Some students went all-out with electric sweaters with lights and sound. There were candy prizes for person with the best sweater. The winner was determined by who ever got the loudest applause by students who didn’t wear an ugly sweater.

Friday was “Nobody Eats Alone.” Participating students were tasked to sit with someone that doesn’t always have someone to sit with during lunch. They were to get to know the student that was alone and have a conversation with them.

Rachel Kretzer, another member of Diversity Club, says that her favorite activity was Ugly Sweater day because it focuses on the beauty on the inside than on the outside.