“I Will” Makes New Students Feel Welcome

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“I Will” Makes New Students Feel Welcome

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What is the “I Will” campaign? The “I Will Campaign” is a new program here at Liberty Middle School. Our new Prevention Counselor, Ms. Talley, and Assistant Principal Allen Duncan came up with the idea.

There is a story of a boy that had experienced bullying. He decided to get a shirt that said “I Will Be Your Friend” so other people knew that they could be his friend. This story inspired Dr. Duncan and Ms. Talley.

They got shirts that said “I will be your friend.” Then they selected students that stood out to them to wear the shirts on the first day of school and welcome the new students. Those same students welcomed new students to the district and played games with them. When Ms. Talley came up with the idea, she said, “I wanted it to be something that is schoolwide.”

“It made me feel welcome and good because people were giving up their time to help us,” Bailey Mayhew said.

Ms. Talley wants to do more with the campaign. Once things get started with the campaign anyone can join and help out.

“I think it is going very well for a first-year campaign,” seventh-grader Eric Herman said.

Ms. Talley has received emails from parents thanking them for helping their students, and the campaign even brought the attention of St. Louis news channel 5 on the first day.

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