Game Club Is Back!


Because of Covid 19 Game Club was gone for over a year, but with the 2021-2022 school year starting Game Club is finally back!

Game Club is an after-school event where everybody is welcome to play, watch, and create games. It is hosted by Mr. Morgan, who most know as a 7th grade agriculture teacher. The club occurs after school almost every Friday in the commons.

People in game club can play any game they want. Some people like Logan Tallon bring their own Nintendo 3DS and play certain video games like Pokémon Black 2

Mr. Morgan participates in games with the kids. For instance, sometimes he plays Dungeons and Dragons.

Dungeons and Dragons – or commonly referred to as “D&D” – is  a game where one person usually called a “dungeon master” who usually imagines entire worlds and creatures. This person creates a story and then has multiple players go into that world. The players usually fulfill dangerous quests by defeating mythological beasts and other made up monsters. The fun part about the game is how every action a player takes is decided by a roll of a die. In the game players sometimes use a normal six-sided die but usually will use 20-sided ones. Most people call this die a D20.

Some students talked about how well they think game club is run.

“Yes, I think Mr. Morgan does a good job and I think that it is functioning as it is,” said Logan Tallon.

“I do like game club!” said Mr. Morgan. “I like it when the kids come with the idea that they want to play and be social and not run about.”

The quarantine caused many game club members to not be able to play games like they used to with their friends, but members finally can once more.