Minion Bins

It’s Liberty mystery!


Why Disguise these Trash Cans as Minions?

Someone at Liberty Middle School has been busy in the sixth grade hallways turning trash cans into fun little minions with a face and a name. The names of these trash cans are Lil John, Leonard, J.B., Bob, and Debbie. The reason we call these minions is because the trash cans are yellow and blue.

Why Trash Cans?

Why couldn’t it be classroom doors or on the wall? Well, these trash cans are scattered around the building because students have to eat lunch in their classrooms. So this teacher missed her minions because she wasn’t in her original classroom. She wanted to see a minion while she walked through the hall.

What do the Teachers Think?

“I think it is cute,” said Mrs. Page, a 7th grade science teacher. “And it has made me question like ‘what does that mean’ that each one gets emptied by a different custodian. So I thought it looked cute but it made me wonder why.”

Mrs. Bevis O’Neal said, “I think it’s a fun little thing to have around the school building. Just to kind of decorate and they’re not just these trash cans in the middle of the hallway. It’s kind of giving them a little bit of personality, which I think we so desperately need.

“And I can tell you that my daughter, who I pick up every day after school comes down and walks back here and I mean every day she goes ‘Mom that trash can has a smile!’ And so that really makes me smile that my daughter thinks that they are all absolutely cute.”

The trash can bandit still remains a mystery. Try to see if you can figure out the perpetrator and keep it a secret for yourself. #Whodonit