Library Is Open for Business


Mrs. Gebhart

When Liberty closed in March, the effects were widespread. Some students relied on sack lunches to be delivered while others had trouble with online classes. Among the many changes, one that affected many students was the library closing.

For some students, the library’s computers were helpful, but for most students, the library was their source for books. Some books were checked out for research while others were for entertainment.

Now that schools have reopened to start the new school year, many changes have been made. Students and staff all wear masks, teachers switch classrooms instead of students, etc. Our whole school has changed, but how has the library?

“If a book is returned, I have a box I have to put them in for four days,” media center secretary Mrs. Gebhart said. “Now, when teachers bring their students in the media center, if they sit and use a computer or at one of the tables, I have to make sure they are wiped down and disinfected after they leave.”

As many students understand the process, some may wonder about one of the precautions: How does quarantining the books for four days help to sanitize them?

“They say it sanitizes the books if kept on hold for four days. I do slightly use disinfect spray over the books as well,” she says.

Checking out books aren’t a problem, but what about returning them?

“I still have about 30 books out there not returned from last March,” Mrs. Gebhart said recently. “I guess I shouldn’t complain too much because I did have close to 150 books out in June. The students who have not returned their books from last year, their names and the cost of the book are given to Mrs. Wessel, our bookkeeper, to put on their accounts receivable that they owe for that book.”

Mrs. Wessel said she calls those students to let them know they have overdue books and may have to pay a fee.

“They have two options: Return the book or pay for it. The process is not any different from last year.”

It’s nice to know that not everything at school has changed.

After five months of waiting, students are finally reunited with the library.