Enterprising students start clothing brand


Have you ever wanted to start your own business? Well, a trio of students at Liberty Middle School did just that! Last February, seventh graders Noah Foley, Connor Hartman, and Cameron Brown started their own clothing brand named Mikro.

“We were really just looking for something to do,” said Brown when asked what gave them the inspiration.

“It was Cameron’s idea originally,” Foley stated. “Connor and I agreed that it would be a fun and a unique thing to do”

“We began working on Mikro while Noah and Cameron were at my house,” said Hartman.

Steve Hartman, Connor’s dad is a graphic designer, so he helped launch the website. So far the boys have sold over 80 items, like t-shirts and sweatshirts.  They have made over $800 in profit.

During this summer these students bought a $200 screen printer where they can print off their own clothing. So far they have printed off about 40 shirts.

“The Juice Shirt is my favorite design,” Brown said and Foley agreed.

But Hartman disagreed. “The OMG! Anything but Red and Black shirts are the best.”

Mikro has several social media accounts. They have one on Facebook which Connor’s dad runs. They also have an Instagram account which Foley runs. Both of the usernames are “@brandmikro”. Along with two social media accounts, they also have a website www.brandmikro.com where you can order your own Mikro products.

The trio is always open to suggests for new products so if you ever see them in the hallways, feel free to