Szekely, Out!

This is Mr. Szekely's last year of teaching.

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Szekely, Out!

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When Mr. Szekely started teaching in 1986, the price of a movie ticket was $3.00, the most popular TV show was “Alf,” and Ms. Emling was a senior in high school.

After 32 years of teaching and about 4,500 students, Mr. Szekely is retiring.

He has taught so many members of this community that he is now on his second generation, including the father of this reporter. That was when Lincoln Middle School was Edwardsville High School.  He has taught at multiple schools, including the Edwardsville Junior High, Edwardsville Middle School, EHS, and finally Liberty.

Mr. Szekely loves it at Liberty. He thinks the students and teachers are all awesome. He also loves what the principals do.

“I’m going to miss getting to know a new group of students every year.”

When Mr. Szekely was young, he had a science teacher who made science fun for him. This inspired him to become a science teacher, so he could make it fun for others. He loves seeing kids leave his room at the end of the year even smarter than when they came in.

In retirement, Mr. Szekely plans to ride his bike and travel around the world.

What do you think of Mr. Szekely?

Faith Jackson: “He is really nice and funny.”

Jozie Beedie: “Funny and a good science teacher.”

Ben Fisher: “Funny, fun and cool.”

Demicheal Jackson: “Happy and bright person.”

Evan Holderer: “You will never get bored in his class.”

Pierson Furry: “What a great teacher to have!”

Aundreyah White: “Pretty fun and really nice.”

Jack Smith: “He is a great teacher and he helps others a lot.”

Xavier Valdez: “He was a great teacher and helped with work a lot.”

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