Playing Games at Liberty

New club offers fun after-school games.

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Playing Games at Liberty

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Dungeons and Dragons, a role-playing game making over $600 million, was the main point of focus at Liberty’s new Game Club’s first meeting.   Even though most of the people wanted to play D&D, there were still lots of people who wanted to play the other types of games. Game club has a broad category of games, like RPG’s, card games, electronic games, and board games.

“I have played Dungeons and Dragons three hours every week with the same group of people for 20 years, said Mr. Morgan, the club’s sponsor and a teacher at Liberty. “And that is why I am the sponsor.”

He said he wants to teach people at Liberty the joys of playing RPG’s and any type of game. The Game Club meets every Friday for an hour and a half.

The reason that most people joined game club is that they just love to play all types of games, but some also wanted to learn D&D.

“My favorite card game is Uno and my favorite video is Skyrim,” said Adam Pavlinek, a 7th grader. His favorite types of games are “card games and video games.”  Adam says he has no interest in D&D, and that just shows how many different types of people are in game club.

At the first meeting the different tables each had a unique type of game being played on them. Two tables were set up for D&D, one table was playing Magic: The Gathering, another was playing Oregon Trail, another chess and Pokémon, and the last table was playing computer games.  Everyone has a place in the Game Club, and there is usually someone else who wants to try the same things that you do.  Everyone had fun in the first meeting, even if they only had 45 minutes to play.

“I have always been passionate about playing games with friends,” said 8th grader Maddox Karnes, “and I think I am going to keep attending game club.”

He played Pokémon black against Nolan Rowe, and won. There were seven 8th graders, 13 7th graders, and 13 6th graders attending the first meeting, and all of them played, or signed up for at least one game.

“Game Club is a good way to play games with my friends,” said Rylie Dodd, a 7th grader. She “really likes fantasy video games” and has no interest in playing D&D.  Her favorite is Disney’s Kingdom Hearts.

“I started game club so that kids who aren’t in other clubs have a chance to play social games after school,” said Mr. Morgan. “I plan to explore different types of games over the school year. My favorite type of game is Role Playing Games, because they are cooperative in nature and open-ended.”

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