7th Grader Learns Discipline and Builds Strength in Martial Arts

For the last six years, 7th-grader Ethan Hunt does martial arts. He has gained strength and has the ability that many don’t have.

“Martial arts builds up confidence in me,” Ethan said. “Martial arts also builds up responsibility and being able to control myself. I also learn discipline, which is a key to success in life.”

Ethan Hunt started doing martial arts at the age of six, and he’s been training ever since. He’s now twelve years old and that makes it six years of martial arts.

“When I was six, I wanted to be a ninja, so my mom set me up for martial arts.  I loved it so we continued doing it.”

While he has been training, he is able to get respect and give respect. He has a lot of fun during the meets and loves martial arts.

“I also do track and field and I have an advantage of running fast and being able to keep a good pace and being able to control myself. Martial arts has helped me do these things.”

Ethan tries to get people to join martial arts because he feels really good after each meet up. He is able to get a good workout and fall right asleep, when some people have trouble getting sleep.”

“I always try my best. Even if I cannot do the task needed to, I do my best and keep practicing. By the next session, I am able to do the task.”