Baseball Players Stay Positive


8th grader Dax Dunnill

Crack! The sound of a ball hitting a bat is enough to make any crowd go wild. The runners rounding bases, the play at the plate, and the celebration of the win. The Liberty 8th Grade baseball team had a great season, and though they fell short of a third consecutive state championship, most players were just happy that they were able to play at all.

Going 7-6, this season kept Liberty’s streak alive of having a positive record. Game after game, highlight after highlight, the Panthers put in their all.

“We gave it all,” said eighth-grade second baseman Ben Marshall, which is a mood repeated by many Panthers.

Progression was certainly the mood this year, as this would be the 8th graders’ last season in black and blue and would be moving to EHS next fall.

Catcher Eric Herman said, “It’s cool because I unlocked a new chapter of my life and get to move on to high school baseball.”