Pawsitive Athlete

Alex Uder is a helpful teammate.


Alex Uder is an 8th grader at Liberty. He does two sports: cross country and track. I am one of his teammates and he is very kind and respectful. Currently he is in his cross country season and he is varsity this year, which means he is one of the fastest runners. We have had multiple meets so far, and Alex has been varsity for every single meet so far. He also went up to Bloomington last weekend for a varsity-only race for the runners.

Alex is a very thoughtful teammate. One day last week my friend Austin Bryant could not make it to practice and the next day he was wondering if he missed anything the previous day. Alex told him we have a meet on Thursday in Alton we get dismissed from class at 1:40 on Thursday and the bus leaves at 2:00. Alex also told him to make sure to have his uniform for the meet and get changed in the locker room before the bus arrives.

Alex is a kid who is always on top of events for his sports. He can always tell you when something is going on. Alex is also very kind to his teammates. On Thursday at our meet in Alton, Alex wished his friend Owen luck before he ran in the open race. Owen also wished Alex luck before he ran in the varsity race.

Owen says that every time before one of Alex’s teammates runs he tells them good luck and gives them a fist bump. His teammates also wish him good luck before he runs because he is one of the team’s fastest runners for the boys. If you see Alex at a cross country meet tell him great job for his great sportsmanship in cross country this year at Liberty Middle School.