New Students at Liberty

You may have noticed that there are a lot of new students at Liberty, maybe even in one of your own classes. There are 59 new students at Liberty.

Students that have been already going to Liberty Middle School for a couple of years have been welcoming new students to this school with open arms. The new students have probably moved here for many different reasons, but Panther Tracks wanted to know what the new students find enjoyable at our school compared to the school they went to previously.

Matthew Lueking: “I like the curriculum. I am able to have more friends because of the amount of students that go to this school, and I like the size of the school.” Matthew went to St. Boniface Catholic School.

Savannah Jackson: “One of my favorite things about this school is the amount of extracurricular activities and sports that students can participate in.” Savannah is in choir and band. Having so many sports, clubs and activities can help new students make new friends.

Although starting at a new school can be tough for almost anyone, many new students that had positive things to say about their transition to Liberty. The kind and helpful students, the ability to get involved and make new friends and the positive school spirit coming from teachers and students were a consistent message.