7th Graders Switch Classes – Finally

This is a brand-new year for seventh graders at Liberty. They are experiencing lunch, activity, passing periods, and a variety of new teachers. Most seventh graders don’t know what it is like to switch classes since they were stuck in the same classroom last year.

Morgan Simmons said, “I like switching classes because it gives me a chance to move around more and stretch my legs.”

Abby White agreed. “I like switching classes better because we can move around more and have more freedom.

Brayden Kerns said, “I think staying in the same classroom all day is better because it is less stressful. I also enjoy having lunch this year. It is time to socialize and talk to friends.”

“I enjoy this year a lot better,” said George Bellone. “I did not like going full remote in the second semester last year.” Since George was full remote for the second semester, he did not have the experience that some in-person students did. “I like activity and lunch since activity gives me time to do homework and lunch is when I talk to friends.”

This year is definitely different for seventh graders. It’s closer to pre-pandemic days in which students are able to switch classes and see more of their friends. Lunchtime is clearly the most popular time of day. Being able to catch up with friends is something we all missed last year.