New staff members energize Liberty


Mrs. Sommer teaches 6th grade language arts.

This year Liberty has a lot of great new additions to the staff.  The new staff members are creating a wonderful environment teaching or like one of the new staff members, Ms. Tally, creating an opportunity for students to create and plan events.  New teachers in all of the grades are ecstatic to help kids become better and more confident students moving into the new school year.

Ms. Tally is the new prevention counselor and faculty advisor for F.I.T/G.O. at Liberty. She went to college at North Central. Last year she completed her internship at the high school for her master’s degree. She plans to start incorporating group counseling, but her main goal is to spread positivity.  She has not experienced anything similar to F.I.T/G.O where she interned. In F.I.T/G.O she is most excited for the “I Will” campaign and the least excited for the lock-in because she will have to stay up late.  The environment at Liberty has helped her adjust to the school, and she likes the student and staff members.

Mrs. Hollis is a new 7th grade language arts teacher. She also teaches middle school transition for 6th graders.  She has been teaching for three years and just came back from taking a 15-year break. She teaches Language Arts because she loves to read and thinks if you read you will be successful in life.  Her favorite subject is Language Arts. She said that she likes Liberty very much.

Mrs. Sommer is another new language arts teacher. She has been teaching for 22 years. When we asked her why she teaches language arts she said, “I love to read, and I enjoy this age group. I also enjoy teaching. It’s just fun.” Her favorite subject is reading and writing.  She likes Liberty. “Everybody is awesome here, very nice and helpful.” Mrs. Sommer is helping with Heart and Sole.

Mrs. Lask is a new 6th and 8th grade math teacher. She has been teaching for 10 years. We asked her why she chose to teach math, she said: “It started when I was a freshman in high school. I started tutoring pre-algebra. By the time I was a senior, I had a group of five students that I was working with. And so I have always been a teacher.” She plans on helping coach the math team with Mrs. Sok. When we asked her if she liked Liberty, she said, “I do! It’s a fantastic place.”

Mr. Jacobs is the new ICC math teacher for 8th grade and pushes into 8th grade social studies and math. He has taught six years previous to this, but this is his first year teaching in Edwardsville. His favorite subject is math and he likes Liberty. When we asked him why he teaches what he teaches he answered, “I really like teaching, and what I teach depends on the school, so I chose the best school and taught what they wanted me to teach.”  He also is coaching cross country.

Mr. Slaby is a new 6th grade math teacher. He really enjoys Liberty. This is his first year at Liberty but he taught two years in Decatur. He teaches math since he has always really liked math. He has three older brothers and they all went through Edwardsville schooling. When asked if he is going to sponsor any club, he said, “I am still trying to understand procedures and everyday stuff and am hoping to sponsor something by the end of the school year.”