“New” Teachers Are Not New to Teaching

Four teachers come with loads of experience.

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With the start of the new school year brings wonderful, new teachers to Liberty Middle School. We are very fortunate to have Mrs. Morrissey, Mrs. Pettus, Mr. Mead, and Mrs. Boduch join the crew.  Lucky for us, they have a combined total of 43 years of prior experience to share and are eager to help us learn at Liberty.

Mrs. Morrissey joins us from Cassens Elementary where she has been a 4th grade teacher for about 10 ten years.  She will now be teaching 6th grade Social Studies and 7th grade Computers.  She is most excited about the grade level change and the middle school environment.  She states, “The focus is different than elementary and I’m looking forward to learning and teaching new information.”

Always prepared, she takes pride in helping others prepare for success in school. It is also her hope that students know she cares about them.  Mrs. Morrissey has a love for Language Arts but not so much for Health, but she said she is definitely up for new challenges that come her way.

Mr. Mead joins us with 4 years of teaching. Prior to this, Mr. Mead has experience teaching 5th grade special education, middle school special education, and computer classes.

“I am happy to be here and I am looking forward to getting to know as many kids as possible.” he said. With his special expertise, he will be a valuable asset to many students and their varied learning styles.

With 10 years of teaching experience, Mrs. Boduch joins us from Lincoln Middle School. She is eager to prepare students for what they will encounter as they advance in grade.  Thankfully, her teaching experience is not only in middle school Math but also Math at the high school level.  “It is most rewarding to help students who traditionally fail in Math, succeed as they get older.”

Mrs. Pettus brings a wealth of knowledge from her 18 years of teaching middle school Science and Social Studies and her favorite subject to teach is Chemistry. She is delighted to be back at Liberty.

“I am looking forward to helping students understand things that are hard for them,” Mrs. Pettus said. In addition to teaching, Mrs. Pettus has experience as a middle school and high school counselor, which will be beneficial to all students she works with.

Much like new 6th grade students, we want to give all new teachers a warm welcome to our Liberty family. Please stop by to introduce yourself and if you are a former student, they would love to see you again.  As a student body, we are thankful to have such caring individuals for teachers and are glad that they chose Liberty to share their many teaching talents with.

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